Central Park Red-Tailed Hawk

red 90

This bird hunts from Central Park South (CPS).I have seen him here several evenings at about 4 p.m. Looking over his shoulder at me in this photo, it is almost as if he were saying, “Yes, I know that I have to watch my back, here.” (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Red b90

The first time I saw him, he was high in the sky over the buildings of CPS pursuing a flock of starlings. And he caught one, which he consumed while sitting on the Trump Park Hotel. This is him digesting, perched near Columbus Circle, that is at the corner of CPS and Central Park West.

It is possible that this red-tailed hawk is “Junior,” one of the offspring of Pale Male, for more about Pale Male, here’s his Wikipedia site. The story of Pale Male is very cool, and like Henry VIII, Pale Male has had eight wives.


2 thoughts on “Central Park Red-Tailed Hawk

    1. For now, we are calling him “Columbus” as that’s near where he perches (Columbus Circle); although, he may actually be “Junior,” one of Pale Male’s offspring (read the Wiki).


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