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Peanuts Jay a jamiesbirds

I have a young Blue Jay who comes to my Magnolia tree and chortles, asking for a peanut.

Peanut a jamiesbirds   Peanut b jamiesbirds

Then he flies down gets one and goes back into the tree to eat it. He then chortles again and flies off with the second peanut. That’s why I call him Peanuts.  He also loves to swim.

Jay bath c jamiesbirds

Jay post bath 110dpi jamiesbirds

 Crow with peanuts aa Bermuda Run NC jamiesbirds

I also have a frequently-visiting crow who loves peanuts as well.


Carolina Wren Visit

My favorite bird is the Carolina wren and I have a lovely pair on my property. Today, as I was working on my new book, a Carolina wren flew into my study. (I had left the back door open and the little bird must have come in and then flown upstairs, because my study is on the second floor.)

Carolina wren visit a jamiesbirds

I immediately closed the study door and opened the window, but the little wren flew into my adjacent bathroom. Then, I closed that door and caught her easily in my hands. What a thrill to hold her.

Carolina wren visit b jamiesbirds

I quickly put her out the window and she flew off. I can see the pair safe outside now. I think that is it wonderful how curious and brave these little wrens are. And I think it it was very good luck for me to have this little bird come visit me. BTW, I have been writing non-stop for the past four months, and that’s why I have not posted on this site.

Mating Squirrels

Squirrel on feeder aa Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Squirrels are clever rascals! If you have bird feeders, you probably have squirrels, and you have to take measures to keep them out. I have a squirrel baffle, and if I spray it with PAM to make it slippery, he usually can’t get up it. Clearly, I am not always successful. This particular rascal is my dominant male squirrel, Chunk. He spends a lot of time at my feeders, most of the time, under (not on) them. BTW, my NC squirrels are Eastern gray squirrels. You may click on photos to enlarge them.

Squirrels mating 3 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Here is Chunk with his female … ’tis the season.

Squirrels mating 1 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

This pair was busy all afternoon. When they weren’t actually mating, he was chasing her all over the place at top speed. Here is a blog on squirrel mating.

Squirrels mating 4 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

 She can’t run fast enough

Squirrel on bird bath Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Cool down

Squirrel under  feeder 100a Bermuda Run jamiesbirds


Remember, Not All Birds Feed on the Feeder

Pins Siskin1 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds  Pins Siskin2 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Pine Siskins in Bermuda Run (NC) Note: You can click on photos to enlarge them.

Pins Siskin party1 at BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Pine Siskin Party (Why I put as much seed on the ground as I put in the feeders.)

Bluebird bath time1 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds Bluebird bath time2 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

 Bluebird bath time5 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

 Bluebird bath time6 BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

   Eastern Bluebird bath time

Downy Woodpecker BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds American Goldfinch BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Downy Woodpecker and American Goldfinch

Northern Cardinal BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds American Robin BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Northern cardinal and American Robin

Goldfinch and JuncoBR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds Dark-Eyed Junco BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

American Goldfinch and Dark-Eyed Juncos

Brown Creeper BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds White-Breasted Nuthatch BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Hard-to-photograph Brown Creeper and White-Breasted Nuthatch

House Finch jamiesbirds WhiteThroated Sparrow BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

House Finch and White-Throated Sparrow

Tufted Titmouse BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds Cedar Waxwing BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Tufted Titmouse and Cedar Waxwing

 Mostly Goldfinches BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

Hold it, [Almost] Goldfinches only!

Neighborhood Red-Tailed Hawk BR NC Feb 2015 jamiesbirds

The neighborhood bully (Immature Red-Tailed Hawk)

Flitter and Maude

Flitter and Maude 10-3-14

Here are a Northern Cardinal couple that are regulars at my house in Bermuda Run (North Carolina), near Winston Salem. Here is what happened: one morning last spring (2014), I was sitting outside on my deck in Bermuda Run. In stead of hearing street noise like in New York, all I heard was birds singing. The contrast was striking.

An hour later, I went to my favorite store, ACE Hardware, and purchased a bird bath and some bird feeders …

 Bird feeders and bird bath 2014

Within a short time, that same morning that I put up my stuff, a beautiful Cardinal came around …

Flitter 10-3-14

This bird flittered back and forth between two trees, with each pass never landing on the feeder. This kept up for about 45 ,minutes. An then, he sent in his wife …


Flitter and Maude have become good friends, whom I see every day that I am in Bermuda Run. It is because of them that I became an avid birder. And, they had two babies this year. Three photos of the male, Woodstock, are shown in the post below; and the gorgeous young female, Lola, is shown in the “Birds of 2104” post below that with ***


Woodstock fledged

This is Woodstock, a just fledged Northern cardinal, baby of Flitter and Maude (in the post above). He is sort of brown and at this stage it is not clear whether he is male or female.

Woodstock 6 weeks

Here he is a few weeks later; his red plumage is starting to come in. Meanwhile, he is still not a good enough flyer to land on the feeder; so, he eats the seeds on the ground.

Woodstock 9 weeks

Here’s Woodstock two weeks later. Now more red and black, he is an almost a full-grown adolescent. At last, he has made it up to the feeder.

Sorry, the photos in this post are all slightly under- or over-exposed. Jamie