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Red, White, Black & Gold

Scarlet tanager k100 Ramble 4-30-15 jamiesbirds

Scarlet tanager

Scarlet tanager  bb Rabmle 4-3015 jamiesbirds

Goldfinches k100 Ramble 4-30-15 jamiesbirds


Red-bellied woodpecker k100 Ramble 4-30-15 jamiesbirds

Red-bellied woodpecker


An Hour in the Park with NJ Audubon: Two Life Birds and a Fight

Prothonotary warbler Turtle Pond Central Park A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Prothonotary warbler

Double-crested cormorant Central Park A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Double-crested cormorant

The New Jersey Audubon hosted a bird walk in Central Park with Pete Dunne. I was only able to say a short time, but I saw great birds (above), met some really terrific birders, and even watched a fight.

Fighting House sparrow e at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

So, I thought I saw an injured sparrow on the ground, but …

Fighting sparrows c at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

It wasn’t alone; it was a serious fight between two males over a female

Fighting House sparrow g at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here’s what they were fighting over …

Nesting House sparrow at Delacorte Theater Central Park a 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Fighting House sparrow f at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds


House sparrow at Delacorte Theater A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

The Winner

Delacorte Theater 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here is a statue of Romeo and Juliet. We met at the Delacorte Theater, and that’s where the sparrows were nesting under the eaves. there were actually quite a number of nests.

Eric Stiles NJ Audobon Delacorte Theater 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

This is Eric Stiles, President and CEO of NJ Audubon addressing the group.

Pete Dunne and Jamie Koufman at Delacorte Theater A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here is Pete Dunne and me

Pat Brentano Jamie Koufman Joe Grillo at Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

 Pat Brentano, Jamie Koufman, Joe Grillo

Winter Birds 2015

Starling in Central Park dd 1-9-15 photo by Jamie Koufman

Starling all puffed out for insulation

Cold puffed out sparrow in Central Park 1-9-15 photo by Jamie Koufman

House sparrow all puffed out, too.

Sparrows in Central Park 1-9-15 photo by Jamie Koufman

Sparrows not puffed

Common redpoll c Central Park ramble jamiesbirds 1-25-15

Common Redpoll in the Ramble (Sun., Jan. 25th)

Birders at rhe feeders at the Ramble Central Park jamiesbirds 1-25-15

Birders at the feeders in the Central Park Ramble. Most wanted to see the Common Redpoll — and he was accommodating (below) — though my photos weren’t great.

Golfinches and Common Redpoll Central Park 1-25-15 jamiesbirds


Chipping sparrow Central Park ramble jamiesbirds 1-25-15

Chipping Sparrow in the Ramble (Sun., Jan. 25, 2015)

SCRAM Tufted titmouse turf Central Park ramble jamiesbirds 1-25-15

 Scram! (Titmouse turf war)

Reservoir at Central Park 1-25-15 jamiesbirds

The Central Park Reservoir

Pale Male … He’s Back!

927 5th Ave home of pale male jamiesbirds 1-22-15

Does this Building and the nest (above middle/top window) look familiar? It is 927 Fifth Avenue at 74th Street, New York, home of Pale Male for the past two decades. (Click photos to enlarge and left arrow to return to post.)

Pale Male and Mate 3 jamiesbirds 1-22-15

Pale Male is back with (I believe ) his 8th mate, Octavia. If you are a birder, and you don’t know who Pale Male is, you must have been living under a rock for the last twenty years. Pale Male has a website, and a really wonderful book by Marie Winn entitled Red Tails in Love, and a movie, The Legend of Pale Male, and a Nature show.  (I am still trying to learn the details of his 24 amazing years in New York … your info and comments are welcome!)

Pale Male in flight 1-22-15

While I was watching at about 4.30 p.m. this afternoon, Pale Male took off and flew right over my head, all the while making his I-am-going-to-get-my-dinner-now Red-tail scream. It sent shivers down my spine and gave me goose bumps all over.

Central Park Red-Tailed Hawk

red 90

This bird hunts from Central Park South (CPS).I have seen him here several evenings at about 4 p.m. Looking over his shoulder at me in this photo, it is almost as if he were saying, “Yes, I know that I have to watch my back, here.” (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Red b90

The first time I saw him, he was high in the sky over the buildings of CPS pursuing a flock of starlings. And he caught one, which he consumed while sitting on the Trump Park Hotel. This is him digesting, perched near Columbus Circle, that is at the corner of CPS and Central Park West.

It is possible that this red-tailed hawk is “Junior,” one of the offspring of Pale Male, for more about Pale Male, here’s his Wikipedia site. The story of Pale Male is very cool, and like Henry VIII, Pale Male has had eight wives.