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Mother Robin Feeds Baby

Mother feeds baby Robina  jamiesbirds

Just under feeder in Bermuda Run (August 2015) (Click on photo to enlarge.)


A Christmas Star

On Friday, December 12, 2014, I received a text from my friend, Fran. She also lives in Bermuda Run (NC) and she is the best birder I know. Her text message read, “I am talking to humming bird experts this morning about what to do about this one who is hanging out here. My yard man is going to try to help me do something to keep her food from freezing. Yesterday, before I could get new out, she was trying to drink from a frozen-solid feeder.” The photo below was attached. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Hummer heater

What this shows is actually a humming bird feeder with a heat lamp on it.

 Star A 12-14-14 Star B 12-14-14

Two days later (Dec. 14th), I photographed this female Rufous hummer. Fran explained that the bird was sleeping in a holly bush near the heating vent for the house and then coming back to the feeder about every 45 minutes.

On Monday, December 15th, Susan Campbell, an expert and researcher on humming birds, came to band the bird … and confirm that she was a female Rufous.

Star banding a 12-29-14 Star banding d 12-29-14

 They also put an orange mark on her head to indicate that she had been banded.

Star banding c 12-29-14 Star banding b 12-29-14

On Christmas Eve, I texted Fran, “What a Christmas gift she is … let us call her “Star,” like the Star of Bethlehem, okay?”

Star stayed with Fran through Christmas. Friday, December 26th at 4.45 p.m. was the last time she was seen. We believe that when the wind direction shifted from the south to the north, she flew.

Star was a very special Christmas gift for all of us who were lucky enough to see her … and for that gift, we are very grateful.

Birds of 2014

Carolina Wren b 11-17-14  Carolina Wren a 11-17-14

Carolina Wren

Goldfinch Gray Catbird

American Goldfinch / Gray Catbird

  Dark Eyed Junko b 11-17-14  Dark-Eyed Junco

Dark-Eyed Juncos

Tufted Titmouse  House Finch and Tufted Titmouse 10-3-14

Tufted Titmouse / House Wren & Tufted Titmouse

Downy Woodpecker 10-3-14 BrownHeaded Nuthatch 1-3-14 (2)

Downy Woodpecker / Brown-Headed Nuthatch

   Lotta Finches House and Gold  SCRAM Goldfinches

 House Finches  and Goldfinches

Eastern Phoebe 10-4-14 Bluebird

Eastern Phoebe / Eastern Bluebird

Young female Northern Cardinal Mourning Dove

*** Young female Northern Cardinal / Mourning Dove

    Jay Bath 1

Blue Jay / House Finch

Finch landing1   Ruby throat HB 1

House Finch / Ruby-Throated Humming Bird

Egret 10-4-14  Great Blue Heron

Great Egret / Great Blue Heron

All of the photos above were taken in North Carolina. The two photos below were taken in New York last spring. This mother sparrow raised babies in the support post that holds up a traffic light on the corner of my street in the West Village (corner of Bleecher and Bank Streets) in Manhattan.  The photos speak for themselves; click to enlarge to see babies.

 Sparrow Mom in street lamp post Bleecher St a  Her three babies