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Flitter and Maude

Flitter and Maude 10-3-14

Here are a Northern Cardinal couple that are regulars at my house in Bermuda Run (North Carolina), near Winston Salem. Here is what happened: one morning last spring (2014), I was sitting outside on my deck in Bermuda Run. In stead of hearing street noise like in New York, all I heard was birds singing. The contrast was striking.

An hour later, I went to my favorite store, ACE Hardware, and purchased a bird bath and some bird feeders …

 Bird feeders and bird bath 2014

Within a short time, that same morning that I put up my stuff, a beautiful Cardinal came around …

Flitter 10-3-14

This bird flittered back and forth between two trees, with each pass never landing on the feeder. This kept up for about 45 ,minutes. An then, he sent in his wife …


Flitter and Maude have become good friends, whom I see every day that I am in Bermuda Run. It is because of them that I became an avid birder. And, they had two babies this year. Three photos of the male, Woodstock, are shown in the post below; and the gorgeous young female, Lola, is shown in the “Birds of 2104” post below that with ***