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Mating Squirrels

Squirrel on feeder aa Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Squirrels are clever rascals! If you have bird feeders, you probably have squirrels, and you have to take measures to keep them out. I have a squirrel baffle, and if I spray it with PAM to make it slippery, he usually can’t get up it. Clearly, I am not always successful. This particular rascal is my dominant male squirrel, Chunk. He spends a lot of time at my feeders, most of the time, under (not on) them. BTW, my NC squirrels are Eastern gray squirrels. You may click on photos to enlarge them.

Squirrels mating 3 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Here is Chunk with his female … ’tis the season.

Squirrels mating 1 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

This pair was busy all afternoon. When they weren’t actually mating, he was chasing her all over the place at top speed. Here is a blog on squirrel mating.

Squirrels mating 4 Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

 She can’t run fast enough

Squirrel on bird bath Bermuda Run jamiesbirds

Cool down

Squirrel under  feeder 100a Bermuda Run jamiesbirds