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Carolina Wren Visit

My favorite bird is the Carolina wren and I have a lovely pair on my property. Today, as I was working on my new book, a Carolina wren flew into my study. (I had left the back door open and the little bird must have come in and then flown upstairs, because my study is on the second floor.)

Carolina wren visit a jamiesbirds

I immediately closed the study door and opened the window, but the little wren flew into my adjacent bathroom. Then, I closed that door and caught her easily in my hands. What a thrill to hold her.

Carolina wren visit b jamiesbirds

I quickly put her out the window and she flew off. I can see the pair safe outside now. I think that is it wonderful how curious and brave these little wrens are. And I think it it was very good luck for me to have this little bird come visit me.¬†BTW, I have been writing non-stop for the past four months, and that’s why I have not posted on this site.