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An Hour in the Park with NJ Audubon: Two Life Birds and a Fight

Prothonotary warbler Turtle Pond Central Park A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Prothonotary warbler

Double-crested cormorant Central Park A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Double-crested cormorant

The New Jersey Audubon hosted a bird walk in Central Park with Pete Dunne. I was only able to say a short time, but I saw great birds (above), met some really terrific birders, and even watched a fight.

Fighting House sparrow e at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

So, I thought I saw an injured sparrow on the ground, but …

Fighting sparrows c at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

It wasn’t alone; it was a serious fight between two males over a female

Fighting House sparrow g at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here’s what they were fighting over …

Nesting House sparrow at Delacorte Theater Central Park a 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Fighting House sparrow f at Delacorte Theater Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds


House sparrow at Delacorte Theater A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

The Winner

Delacorte Theater 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here is a statue of Romeo and Juliet. We met at the Delacorte Theater, and that’s where the sparrows were nesting under the eaves. there were actually quite a number of nests.

Eric Stiles NJ Audobon Delacorte Theater 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

This is Eric Stiles, President and CEO of NJ Audubon addressing the group.

Pete Dunne and Jamie Koufman at Delacorte Theater A 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

Here is Pete Dunne and me

Pat Brentano Jamie Koufman Joe Grillo at Central Park 4-28-15 jamiesbirds

 Pat Brentano, Jamie Koufman, Joe Grillo

Best Bird Books & Movies

photo (6)

I believe that if I were to breakdown the elements of my bird education so far, it might go something like this:  Observation of birds  50%, reading books 20%, Internet resources 10%, information from other birders 10%, videos & movies 10%. Education aside, I love watching birds. For me identification is important, but I just love watching birds.

I go all over now, but the truth be known, I am a devoted and fanatic backyard birder. These days, I am trying to coax my crows to come closer to my deck with peanuts. Meanwhile, I have an adorable Carolina wren that can hammer with delight one-half-peanut into pieces for a treat. He loves ’em and comes right up to me to get his peanut.

I like to read and watch movies, and  I have discovered some really great bird books and movies. I am still expanding my lists, but here are ones that I recommend in the order in which I read or viewed them. My apologies if left out your favorite book or movie that should be listed. If so, please email me your suggestions or just leave a comment here.

These links provided below are almost all Amazon simply because I do most of my shopping  on Amazon. Obviously most all of the items below are available on other sites and in regular stores, too

The Thing with Feathers

The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar

The Feather Quest

Golden Wings

The Mind of a Raven

The Birds of Pandemonium

Red Tails in Love

The Birds of Central Park

What the Robin Knows

The Big Year

Kingbird Highway

Hawks in Flight

Songbird Journeys

Tales of a Low-Rent Birder

The House on Ipswich Marsh

Small-Headed Flycatcher. Seen Yesterday. He Didn’t’ Leave His Name

Pete Dunne’s Essential Field Guide Companion

Before the Echo

The Wind Masters

Bayshore Summer

Birding on Borrowed Time

H is for Hawk

The Bluebird Effect

I am a big fan of Pete Dunne; most of the above books are his. He is a terrific writer, and we go birding together from time to time.

Movies. There is one series that is an absolute must see, The Life of Birds. It is a BBC ten-part series with David Attenborough. It is also on Netflix.

Here are some other of my favorite movies:

Pale Male

The Big Year

Opposable Chums

Nature: Hummingbirds

Birders: The Central Park Effect

A Birder’s Guide to Everything

Flight: The Genius of Birds

Winged Migration

Please send me your recommendations for books and movies!